Hallo - Reference Story

In the realm of customer-centricity, Hallo stands out as a beacon of innovation, continuously striving to enhance the customer experience through tailored ICT solutions. Harnessing the power of Salesforce Cloud as their System-of-Reference (SoR), Hallo has revolutionized its approach to customer engagement, from product delivery to online offerings and one-off projects. With Salesforce at the helm of their operations, Hallo has cemented its commitment to placing the customer at the heart of every decision and interaction.


As Hallo experiences rapid growth, scaling their processes to meet demand has become imperative. Nearly every facet of Hallo's operations, from sales to service delivery, relies on Salesforce. However, the surge in demand for Salesforce development capacity has posed a temporary challenge, necessitating a strategic approach to balance scalability with customer-centricity.

Infodation's Solution

In response to Hallo's evolving needs, Infodation leveraged its expertise in Salesforce development to craft a solution tailored to support Hallo's growth trajectory. By optimizing Salesforce Cloud and customizing functionalities to align with Hallo's unique requirements, Infodation ensured seamless integration and enhanced efficiency across all customer-related processes. From streamlining sales pipelines to automating service requests, Infodation's solution empowered Hallo to maximize the capabilities of Salesforce while maintaining a laser-like focus on customer satisfaction.


The partnership between Hallo and Infodation has yielded remarkable results. By leveraging Salesforce as their SoR, Hallo has achieved unparalleled levels of customer-centricity, driving increased engagement and loyalty. The strategic utilization of Salesforce has not only facilitated smoother operations but has also enabled Hallo to adapt and scale rapidly in response to evolving market dynamics. Despite the temporary surge in demand for Salesforce development capacity, Hallo has successfully navigated the challenge, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before.


Hallo's unwavering dedication to customer-centricity, bolstered by Infodation's agile approach in Salesforce development, exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic partnerships. By harnessing Salesforce as their System-of-Reference, Hallo has established a solid foundation for sustainable growth and continued success. As they continue to innovate and evolve, Hallo remains committed to leveraging Salesforce to drive customer satisfaction, foster growth, and shape the future of ICT solutions for the SME sector.

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